Who are we?

We want to make it easier for communities to share cars. Sharing cars saves people money, makes nicer streets, and helps mitigate climate change.

We created the UK's first neighbourhood closed loop trusted group in East Oxford, partnering with Hiyacar (Airbnb for cars) who verify the drivers, provide the insurance, and manage the booking system. Find out more about how we manage our local group here.

What is car-sharing?

There are loads of different ways to share cars - all are great. You can informally share a car with a friend or family. You can rent your car with an app like Hiyacar, Turo or Getaround - or do what we did and set up a local trusted group. Or you can get rid of your car altogether and share someone else's. Find out more about the different types of car-sharing here

Why car-share?

Transport is the UK's largest source of emissions. Most of this is from privately owned cars. EVs are brilliant, but we can't just replace them 1:1. Most cars are unused 96.5% of the time (according to the RAC). The average car costs £300-400 per month including depreciation. So using cars more efficiently and sharing the cost of ownership makes sense.

Many people need to own cars. Others value the convenience of accessing one when they need it but don't actually want the hassles and expense of owning one.

Our vision is of a future with fewer cars, where we have shared EVs available on our streets when we need them, and where the space outside our houses can be used for other things.

Read more about the benefits of car-sharing here.

Could you be interested in setting up your own trusted group on Hiyacar?

Groups can start as small as one borrower and one lender - you can start small and grow, or start as a larger group.

Click here to find out more.

Do you live in Oxford? Click here to find out more about local groups