Check out the SCOUTHIKE Patrol Leader's Handbook for some guidelines and lots more information about Scouthike to share with your patrol.

Click Here to download the Scouthike PL's Handbook

· Lightweight is the key: Patrols carrying less weight around all weekend will have an advantage over those whose packs are overloaded. Make sure your patrol member's packs aren't too heavy.

· Increase the patrol’s energy levels, alertness and enjoyment by making sure everyone in your patrol drink sufficient fluids and eat proper, balanced and nourishing hike meals throughout the weekend.

Practice makes perfect. Plan with your Scout Leader to use a number of Troop nights before SCOUTHIKE for you and your patrol to practice map reading, lightweight camping, teamwork and initiative.

  • Make sure you practise setting up your tent in the dark!
  • When you arrive at the Activities:
  • Arrive as a patrol and be positive as you hand in your passport. Listen very carefully to all instructions given by the Activity team.\
  • Work as a team, encourage everyone to participate.
  • Know your Patrol members and know their strengths and weaknesses, using them to do each Activity.
  • Share the tasks at Activities and Sleep point around a bit so that every member of the Patrol has a chance to improve their skills.
  • Make sure your Patrol stays together and works as a team.