Learner patrols

Info For Learner Patrols 17th-19th May 2019

Your Application is not complete until payment has been received.

For payment details see further down this page.

  • Learner Patrols must have an adult ONLY ONE (with a current WWC card and be a registered parent / adult helper) hiking with them at all times. This gives the opportunity for younger or less experienced Scouts to participate in Scouthike with the comfort and knowledge they have an adult nearby to help them if they get into trouble. The adult is NOT there to assist the patrol in any way
  • All information and details are emailed to the Patrol Leader who must then communicate with, and organize, the Patrol. This email will include the Patrol Number and details of the Bus Departure Point or a map for Private Transport Patrols. A copy will be emailed to the Scout Leader
  • All Patrols who participate must come completely self-sufficient with regard to adequate clothing and footwear, Hike tent and hike cooking equipment. All maps and other relevant information will be given to the scouts on Friday evening.
  • Learner patrol MUST carry a conventional hike pack. ( not a day pack) This must be used on Saturday and while they do not need to carry there tent most other gear including a lunch should be carried. This is to enable them to be accustomed to the size and weight of a back pack
  • Leaner patrols are to cook on there own ( without leader assistance) and the food they consume must be what they have brought with them in there back packs.
  • Patrols must consist of a minimum of four (4) youth members and a maximum of seven (7) youth members plus one WWC accredited adult (Leader, adult helper or Rover).


They will travel in the buses with the other Patrols or by private transport to the hike forest and they will have hike packs with the same gear as the other Patrols.

# Refer to Patrol Leader Tips page


· Travel to Scouthike site. (check PL handbook for further details)

Travel is by Bus.

Departing from one of 4 sites leaving at 7.00pm.

Departure Points are as shown on the Transport page on the website.

2 weeks prior to Scouthike you will receive an email stating which of the 4 sites you have been allocated to.

That email will also advise your Patrol Number and Bus Number - TAKE THIS INFO WITH YOU

Patrols will be allocated to their nearest Departure Point in the order that completed (fully paid) applications are received.

Once all the buses at that site are full later Patrols will be allocated to another Departure Point.

Country patrols normally travel by self transport.

· Prepare their hike map with grid references and a selected route.

· Check in to Sleep point.

· Set up hike tents.

Note: the accompanying adult ( Only ONE per patrol) will sleep in the same area as the Sleep Point Leaders in there own tent


    • Leave their tents erected. with their sleeping gear (and any excess items not required for the day's hiking on Saturday).
    • Pack a full sized backpack each, including lunch, water bottle and raincoat, hat & sunscreen and the basic essentials needed during the day. This is so the Scouts learn to hike with a full sized pack, although lightly laden, on Saturday. This gives them a chance to adjust their pack to make it comfortable, before it is fully laden on Sunday.
    • Each Patrol will have a compass and a First Aid Kit
    • The PL will have Scouthike maps.
    • Each member of the patrol will carry a proper hike pack ( not a day pack) and this will contain most of the gear they brought with them on the bus ( excluding tent and sleeping mats)
    • Check out of Sleep point (after 8.00am), once having their map, route & packs checked by a designated SP member who will then return the Passport.
    • Hike the selected route between activity points with their Leader or adult support person. If they arrive at an Activity at the same time as a Competition Patrol, the Competition Patrol will have priority and will go first.
    • Activities will close at 3.00 pm for Learner Patrols
    • Return to the same SP by 3.30pm to gain an extra 100 points


    • Pack all gear into hike pack. ( in inclement weather wet tents may be transported to the finish line)
    • The PL will have Scouthike maps.
    • Check out of Sleep point (after 8.00am), once having their map, route & packs checked by a designated SP member who will then return the Passport.
    • Hike the selected route between activity points, ending with the PL handing in the Passport at the Finish Point before 1.00pm.
    • To gain their bonus 100 points your Patrol must be booked in by 1.00 pm AND each patrol member at check-in MUST be wearing their Scout shirt & scarf.

When the final announcements have been made, the PL will receive their Scores Sheet, a Competitor Pennant for the Patrol and Scouthike blanket Badge & uniform pocket badge for each member of the Patrol before departure from the forest.

PLEASE NOTE: Final Parade is planned to start at approximately 2-00 pm and (hopefully) everybody will be leaving the forest by 3-15 pm. Please arrange your parent pick up from your Friday night Departure Point based on leaving the Forest around this time.


The cost is $60.00 per head for all Metro Region Scouts

(plus 100 Bonus Points if received before 23rd April) This covers the cost of bus transport to and from the hike area pennants for each Patrol badges for each person involved, toilets drinking water, as well as administration costs. etc.

Country Region or Interstate Patrols pay $40.00 per head.

(plus 100 Bonus Points if received before 24th April)

Cost for a leader accompanying a Metro Learner Patrol is $36.00 to cover the cost of the Bus.

# Cheques are to be made out to "Scouthike" Post to: Scouthike, PO Box 101 Ferntree Gully , Vic, 3156

Direct deposits can be made to SCOUTHIKE Bendigo Bank BSB: 633-000 Account number: 165847260

Payment Reference "PATROL [PATROL_ID]"

When submitting your Payment Quote the Patrol Reference Number as shown on the email reply you received when registering. The old Scouthike account is still operational if you have already paid into this.

Note: Until your payment is received your application is not complete and Bonus Points will not be allocated

Applications CLOSE Tuesday 30th April. Your application IS NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED