Scouthike does allow for Combined Patrols, that is, Scouts from different Groups/Troops to join together to form a single Patrol. This is recommended for Troops that may only have one or two Scouts attending and cannot get enough Scouts from their home troop to form a Patrol.

Here are the steps required to be performed when registering so that it will allow for combining Troops registration on the Manningham booking site:

First Step: The Troop with Scouts to be placed with another troop (the ‘donor troop’) needs to log on to the Event Booking system “Register Patrols”, select “Group Sharing”, then “Add” and enter themselves as “Group to Share” and the hosting Group as “Share With”

Second Step: The Troop hosting the Scouts needs to log on as normal to “Register Patrols” and they will be able to search and add the Scouts from the donor Troop. However the host Troop will not see the list of Scouts from the donor Troop but they will be discoverable using the Search function.