Eagle Candidates

Eagle Binder

The Eagle binder is where you put your Eagle application and all other supporting documentation. Once completed, the Eagle binder is turned into the Council office for Council approval before the Eagle Board of Review is scheduled.

Review Council Eagle Candidate packet

You received a large white envelope with some information and worksheet from Council. This describes the Eagle candidate process - read it.


Use a 1/2" binder - you don't need anything bigger than that. Get a binder that allows you to insert paper into the front outside cover and the binding.

Print out something to insert into the front cover of the Eagle binder. Ideas are like an image of the Eagle badge or the BSA fleur de lis. Put your name and Troop number as well.

Print out a narrow strip of paper for the binder - just your name and Troop number

Get section separators for the inside of the binder

Binder Sections

Section 1 - Eagle Application - including Eagle essay

Section 2 - SVMBC Council merit badge worksheet

Section 3 - Blue Cards (only the blue cards you earned for Eagle) - arrange by SVMBC council merit badge worksheet order

Section 4 - Eagle project (proposal, final plan, report)

Section 5 - Eagle project pictures

Eagle Application

Similar to the Eagle project, use the form fill-able PDF files provided by BSA. Do not pay money at a random website to do this. Look carefully at the URL and make sure it's a scouting URL. Fill out all information including emails and phone numbers for your references. Print it out front and back. Don't get signatures right away, let the Eagle coordinator/SM/CC review it first. Fill out merit badges based on the date in Troopmaster. Use Troopmaster to figure out which MBs to use for Star, Life and Eagle. Make sure Blue card dates match Troopmaster dates. If they don't - contact CC (Committee Chair)

Put Eagle application in clear plastic page protector (just a sample in the link) - no need to punch holes in the Eagle application. Print out front and back - not 2 sheets

Eagle Essay

Easy to miss, but there's a prompt for an Eagle essay on the back page of the application. Type on a separate page and proof read it. Have your parent(s) proof read it.

Council Merit Badge Worksheet

From council website. Arrange MBs by Star, Life and Eagle - from Troopmaster

Blue Cards

Use baseball card plastic holder sheets. Arrange blue cards in Star, Life, Eagle order by date. Do not include merit badges above and beyond what you need for Eagle.

Eagle Project

All three sections with appropriate signatures are needed. Print 2 sided, use plastic protector sheets. One sheet of paper per plastic protector so someone can read the project pages by just turning the pages.

Eagle Project pictures

Mount pictures using the right size plastic holder sheets

Review and Signatures

You'll need signatures from Scoutmaster and Committee Chair before you submit to Council. Have us review the complete binder - it may take 2-3 rounds before you're application is ready. Wear your complete uniform to the first meetings with Scoutmaster and Committee Chair to make sure all uniform items are correct before your Eagle BOR.

Copy when complete

Make a copy of all pages!!!! before you send to Council. This should have all the signatures.

What happens next

Council will review your application for accuracy and make sure you're qualified. Once their review is done, Council will provide options for BOR dates.