Adult and Parents

Adults and parents are key to the success of this Scout troop. If no parent wants to drive Scouts to an event, we don't have events. If no adult takes on the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair role, we don't have a Troop. If no adult wants to go backpacking, there won't be any backpacking trips. Your role as a parent and adult leader are crucial for the Scout-lead troop to function. There are some key things parents and adult need to know

  • All adults (parents or not) should take Youth Protection Training (YPT). This is a core part of Scouting to keep Scouts and Adults safe. All parents need to understand why they can't ask an adult without a Scout to transport their child
  • Parent role - what does it mean to be a parent of a Scout in a Scout-lead troop? Your role is to take your Scout to meetings and events, ask them where they are in their current rank advancement, ask them their plan to finish that rank, remind them of their obligations. Don't do the work for them - but help them remember what they need to do. Don't pack their gear, but make sure they have what they need. Don't clean up their gear, but make sure they don't do anything else until their gear is cleaned and put away.
  • Positions. We have many positions within the troop for parents and adults that want to get involved. The 'front-office' are the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. They are trained in Scouting and outdoor skills and take part in Scout meetings and events. All SM/ASMs are registered adult leaders. The 'back-office' are the adults to run/participate in the Troop committee. This committee is headed by the Committee Chair and includes positions such as Outdoor Chair, Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Secretary, Service Chair, Popcorn Kernel.... These adults either run events or hold a 2 year role within the committee.
  • Adult and parent training - BSA has extensive training resources, from the YPT for every adult, to specific training for outdoors (lightening, safe swim...), to committee and scoutmaster training. Depending on your role, your training will consist of different courses.