Troop 116/117

Downtown San Jose, California

If you're a girl looking for an exciting outdoor oriented Troop - this is it! Troop 117 is the new Troop for girls. Please contact Troop 116 now to get in on the ground floor. Ages 11 through 17.

Welcome to Troops 116/117 - Downtown San Jose

Boy Scouts of America Troop 116 was founded in 1995. Our troop consistently produces outstanding Eagle scouts. The Troop holds one meeting a week on Thursdays at The River Community Church near downtown San Jose. Troop 117 was started in 2018 for girls and works jointly with Troop 116.

The Troops are run by the Scouts using the Patrol Method. Our Scout Troop is divided into mixed Patrols of about 10 Scouts each. A Patrol Leader is elected within each Patrol. The Patrols work together at meetings, campouts and other events.

The Scouts learn and achieve at their own pace, work hard, and have a lot of fun in the process. They enjoy regular campouts, adventures and hikes. They all work hard to achieve their ranks and support each other in their community service projects.

A formal program exists to take boys through the rank of First Class Scout. Further advancement depends on the initiative of the individual Scout.

The Committee is comprised of parents and the Scout Senior Patrol Leader. It provides adult supervision and guidance. The Committee meets once a month, typically the 4th Monday of the month. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate. The future success of the Troop depends on active parental involvement.

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