Yoga Programs


Below are the various pricing options for all yoga programs offered through s3 Training Center:



4 Class Pack


8 Class Pack


30-Day All Access Pass


Recovery for Athletes

This class will begin with some gentle movements to help restore fluidity to muscles, tissues and joints then move to holding restorative postures to help release and move the body into a resting state.The aim is to not only stretch out the muscles but to go deeper, softening and stretching the body’s connective tissue to promote recovery and prevent injury. Props will be used to support the body, allowing your muscles to fully relax and open.

Program concentration:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Ease aches and pains.
  • Speed up recovery.
  • Reduces anxiety.

Recovery for Athletes

In this class you will spend most of the class lying down or seated. There will be a variety of props used to fully support you as you hold poses anywhere from 3-5 minutes each. Poses are chosen not on the basis of their challenge level but on how much they will help you relax and tune into your breath and will not require strain or exertion. Come to class prepared to relax, de-stress and go inward!

Program concentration:

  • Calm the mind.
  • Increased blood flow to internal organs.
  • Improved immune system function.
  • Promote relaxation and restorative sleep.
  • Increased breath efficiency.
  • Improved focus and concentration.

Dynamic Recovery

A slightly more active restorative class, dynamic movement will be combined with restorative postures. Gentle movements will increase blood flow to allow for maximum opening and recovery once placed in a restorative, supported posture. Emphasis will be placed on connecting breath with movement as well as using the breath as a tool to fully relax and settle into stillness.

Program concentration:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased breath efficiency.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Build discipline.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Boost creativity.