Meet Rob


I walked through the door this of morning into this not so beautiful rocky gym called S3 training center, just as I have every morning for twenty years. I wondered what it is about this place that inspires athletes to change their game and people to change their lives to achieve their lifelong dreams. It can't be the new equipment: it's only been here for a year. And it's certainly not the aesthetics. It suddenly hit me that it is the atmosphere: one that allows you to rid yourself of fear by learning, drilling, and mastering things you fear. Promote a challenge as an opportunity, not something to dread. Have the freedom to mess up, make mistakes and learn from them. Take risks, maybe fall, get back up, and do it again, this time better. Get with people who are facing and overcoming the same challenges in life. You are not the only one life throws curve balls to. From the staff, to each person in the gym, we have each others' backs. And finally see that our bodies love a challenge, and will always respond. The harder the challenge, the stronger we become. With that, I think I'll get started on inspiring and empowering myself, and then doing the same with those around me. Have a life changing day.

Rob slade C.s.c.s.

As owner and developer of the Sport-Speed-Strength Training Program, Rob Slade is the true keystone of S3 Training Center. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) NSCA, Rob has been training sports teams and individual athletes as well as Police and Firefighters since 1981. Rob was awarded the Division 1 Collegiate Conference Strength Coach of the Year (Two times) NSCA. Rob's past training experience also includes being the former strength and conditioning coach as well as the Assistant Track Coach for UMBC. He also was the former Strength Coach for the USA Sailing and Chessie Racing Teams.

Rob has personally trained and provided fitness training for several Police and Fire Departments including Howard County, Maryland State Police and Baltimore County. He is a graduate of Towson State University and is from the Baltimore area. Rob is the physical education instructor for several schools in the area. He holds several patents for the design of exercise equipment used in training. Most importantly, Rob brings love and respect to every thing he does. At S3, that positive and uplifting attitude is contagious, and makes working out fun and uplifting for all athletes.