Field Hockey

Program Information

This program is designed to help athletes prepare for the upcoming season by improving speed, reaction time, and technique. By applying these skills, athletes will be more than prepared for their next season. Typical training sessions are 6 weeks long.

The Field Hockey Skill Speed program begins with an individual player assessment followed by regular evaluations of player's progress.

Program concentration:

Functional Training-Specific Field Hockey Skills training tailored to the player-athlete's needs

Position specific speed, quickness and change of direction training.

Position specific skills and speed of skill execution to make you faster and more proficient then your opponent.

Position specific explosive power and strength training.

Instinctive visual/mental reaction training that is specific to your position.

Goalkeeper training

This program is designed for field hockey goalies, working especially on footwork and agility.

Program Concentration:

Goalie specific speed, quickness of change in direction.

Goalie specific skill and speed of skill execution.

Goalie specific strength power and explosive training

Instinctive visual/mental reaction training specific to goalies.

Specific goalie speed and conditioning training.