Few of the ideas in Reasoned Writing / A Framework for Scientific Papers are mine alone.

I have been fortunate to work with some truly wonderful people over the years. I have tried to learn as much as I can from everyone I have worked with. Of course, I have been influenced by my mentors, including Bob Full, Claire Farley, Rodger Kram, David and Marvalee Wake, Jack Dennerlein, Reggie Edgerton, and others. I had the benefit of a strong cohort of fellow graduate students at Berkeley who have been supportive colleagues and friends during my career. I can't thank everyone enough.

Throughout the RW / AFSP module I have tried to provide references to sources for the recommendations. Many sources I have discovered after the fact (I am still and always in the process of learning) -- so I would appreciate suggestions and guidance if there are sources that I have missed.

Some other ideas have specific, un-referenced sources. For example, I was introduced to the "Rule of Three" in a talk by Ken Horch organized by Ranu Jung and Jimmy Abbas.

I am grateful to Lisa Chen, Morgan Dox, Diego Sustaita and Shai Revzen for constructive feedback on the site.

Working with students has also helped me greatly, and provided ideas. For example, the idea for the "paragraph framework" came from an outline assignment by Dalia Liwanag. Other framework ideas came from my Kinesiology 202 course in the Spring of 2018. Working with students is a constant source of inspiration and good ideas, and I thank all of my former and present students.

Finally, I wouldn't have been able to write anything without my family: my wife, parents, sister and family, in-laws and children. I don't live for myself, I live for all of you.