Olin Sims Living Legacy

Demo Garden

Seventeen different species are planted in our Olin Sims Living Legacy demo garden, emphasizing some under-utilized trees and shrubs such as Bur Oak, Caragana, and New Mexico forestiera. Stop by our office to see trees and shrubs that we sell through our seedling tree program first hand.

Olin was known as one of the most progressive, conservation-oriented ranchers in the Sate of Wyoming.

To honor Olin Sims posthumously, the PACD Board and Staff dedicated the Olin Sims Living Legacy Tree and Shrub Demonstration Garden in July 2009. Olin Sims served as the Wyoming Association of Conservation District’s State President for six years prior to serving as the National President from February to December 2007. He was many things to many people, but to conservation districts, he was our President, our leader, our friend and a man who lived what he preached. He was raised on a ranch in McFadden, Wyoming, where he and his family put a high priority on caring for the land. Sims’ presence is deeply missed, but his legacy remains in our lives and hearts.

To further honor Olin, he was inducted into the Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame at the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper September 11, 2009. Olin’s family was in attendance and Olin and Tammy’s son Tyler graciously accepted the honor on his family’s behalf. An excerpt from the program states…“Olin was known as one of the most progressive, conservation-oriented ranchers in the State of Wyoming. He was a firm believer in the wise use of natural resources, and practiced what he preached and could see the big picture.” Olin understood how all of Wyoming’s natural resources were related and how our management affected all of the pieces of the puzzle.