We support balanced, sustainable management for multiple users of rangelands.

HABITAT - Juniper Removal

Removing encroaching junipers on the landscape historically covered only in sagebrush is seeing positive results in the habitat necessary to support not only the Greater Sage Grouse but many other species.


PACD participated in the RHAP program over a four year period. The Granite Mountain Common Grazing Allotment assessed 83,000 acres. The monitoring provided invaluable data to assist with possible Allotment Management Program (AMP) re-evaluation and changes.


Rangeland offers multiple recreational opportunities.


Wyoming has the second largest wild horse population in the U.S. We strongly support the management of wild horses to keep the population within Appropriate Management Levels (AML) set by BLM.


The Sage Grouse Initiative is a partnership based effort that offers voluntary incentives to improve sagebrush habitat. The practices also improve rangeland health on a broad landscape scale. Ranchers have helped millions of acres across eleven western states experience benefits thanks to the SGI program.

What's good for the bird is good for the herd.

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