On-Farm Resource Enhancement



To provide incentive for landowners, who can’t typically qualify for federal farm bill programs, to implement on-farm natural resource conservation practices that address soil erosion, water quality and quantity, energy conservation or improving wildlife habitat.

Project Examples

• Solar stock pumps to improve livestock distribution in remote areas

• Spring developments to enhance wildlife and or improve livestock distribution

• Fencing for implementing a rotational grazing system

• Riparian fencing to manage livestock and reduce grazing impacts

• On-farm irrigation improvement projects

• Livestock water gaps

• Windbreaks

• Streambank stabilization and restoration practices

• Fish habitat projects

• Wetland enhancement

Funding Level

This incentive program provides up to 50% reimbursement of the project cost. All projects must be pre-approved before being initiated and must be evaluated upon completion. Maximum cost-share under this program is $5,000. We will match cash approved expenditures (with receipts) only. The maximum for in-kind contributions will be capped at 25% based on a labor rate of $20/hour.


Only one grant may be awarded per cooperator per fiscal year.

After project completion and inspection, cost-share will be issued based on signed receipts and documentation of in-kind contributions.


Landowners within the Popo Agie Conservation District boundaries.

Selection Process

Grant selection and payment decisions will be made by the Popo Agie Conservation District Board of Supervisors. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make the case that the project meets the goals of the program and has public benefit. Applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

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