Water Uses

Our diversified community uses this precious resource in a variety of ways.


Agriculture dominates water usage in the Popo Agie Watershed with an estimated 96% of the basin’s total use. Crops produced as a result of irrigation include alfalfa, wheat, oats, and irrigated pasture for livestock. Agricultural producers increase irrigation efficiency through the use of gated pipe, side roll and center pivot sprinkler systems and a variety of other improvements.


There are two communities within the Popo Agie Watershed that derive their municipal water supplies from the Popo Agie River and related sources. The City of Lander utilizes streamflow from the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River and Worthen Meadow Reservoir, which is the primary municipal storage facility. The Town of Hudson also receives their municipal water supply from the Popo Agie River system through groundwater wells.


Recreational opportunities abound in the Popo Agie Watershed, and many focus on our scenic rivers and the amenities they provide. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities including outstanding trout fishing, scenic hiking trails, boating, rock climbing, hunting, camping, and winter prospects like cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.


Wildlife resources in the Popo Agie Watershed are dependent upon the available water resources. Abundant deer, elk, and antelope populate the area as well as countless resident and migratory birds. Common fish species are brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, mountain sucker and white sucker. Rarer species include sauger, Yellowstone cutthroat trout, and golden trout.