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What does Rover say?

Woof woof! Keep on top of your FERC news!!

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) certificated 7 pipelines in 2017, including ET Rover in Michigan, Atlantic Sunrise, Orion, Transco, Rayn and Leach Xpress, Northern Access, and Northern Lights Expansion.

There are 53 more projects in the works, AND FERC CAN NOT ACT because they do not have a quorum.

We can't roll back the decision the lame duck commissioner made on February 3rd, but we can help save others by informing our legislators that we don't need any more rubber-stamper commissioners approved by the Senate.

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As this March 28, 2017 article from Oil & Gas 360 says, there are now $16.7 Billion in Pipeline Projects Awaiting FERC Approval. with no quorum until at least late May to approve more.

Our Rover project was approved in the last breath of the last quorum. Lucky us! Next time, we should either use that luck to play the lottery, or better yet, CALL OUR CONGRESSMEN in timely fashion and not depend on luck but rather advocacy.

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