Army Corps Engineers NWP 12

June 1, 2017 - Letter to Army Corps of Engineers

Urgent request is sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to shut down ET Rover horizontal directional drilling construction activity due to series of miscues and incidents.

The Army Corps of Engineers authorized Rover to proceed with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under 45 water crossings with blanket authorization NWP 12.

  • There is now ample evidence of "more than minimal adverse environmental effects" from HDD drilling.
  • The courts have affirmed that the Corps retains jurisdiction to modify or revoke NWP authorization for a pipeline.
  • Management of drilling to date reflects gross ignorance of the geology at the subject river and wetland crossings.

We urge the Corps to revoke the Rover pipeline’s NWP 12 authorization in favor of a regime of individual permits for each HDD crossing to avert further destruction of natural resources.

Read the full letter and press release below.

FERC Investigation into Rover misdeeds

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