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A large part of resisting E.T.Rover consists of legal work.

It takes a great deal of legal-know-how for individual property owners to navigate all the legalities of a well-financed pipeline company. We have the Ohio-based Fresh Water Accountability Project (FWAP) on our side. FWAP is a registered Intervener in Rover.

100% of the funds FWAP receives will go directly to funding "low-bono" legal work fighting Rover.

We invite anyone and everyone to make a donation here:

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Five reasons to FEEL BETTER - Your donation helps a LOT!

  • It's an efficient investment. 100% of your donation goes to fund our legal fight against the Rover pipeline. This efficiency is possible thanks to the fact that we are all volunteers, and our fiduciary --the Fresh Water Accountability Project (FWAP), which is a legal intervenor in Rover-- has zero overhead costs.
  • It offers "bang" for your buck. In addition to the benefit of legal victories your donation can help us to win against Rover, we've been told that for every $1 we spend on legal challenges to Rover, the pipeline company has to spend $50 just to counter it. That's because our incredibly devoted and experienced environmental attorney works for us on a pro-bono & "low-bono" basis, whereas Rover's attorneys work for the rate of corporate lawyers. That means that if we raise just $5,000, we could potentially cost Rover a quarter of a million dollars!
  • It's the right thing to do. Your donation will help strengthen our David-versus-Goliath struggle. We need to show that the little guy can prevail, and win victories that can be used as legal precedent to bolster the cases of other groups that are fighting pipelines around the country.
  • It feels good! Acts of generosity release "feel-good" hormones in your brain (dopamine, seratonin, and oxytocin). These hormones naturally boost your mood, and also benefit your heart, immune system, and longevity.
  • It's tax-deductible. Our fiduciary, FWAP, is a registered 501(c)(3), so your receipt will make you feel good a second time around when tax-time comes! :o)

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