Twig-world Science

Videos in italics are worth watching for grade 8, videos in bold are worth watching for grade 12. Of course, you are welcome to watch other videos if you wish! Videos marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended. For the 'experiments' video sets, look only at the 'method' and 'analysis' videos.

Electricity and circuits


  • circuits, resistance, diodes and transistors, Moore's Law, hi-fi engineering, rocks star shock, electric eels, factpack: how to draw a circuit*


  • what is electricity? AC,DC and transformers*, electrical safety*, static electricity, war of the currents, electricity in medicine, thermal imaging, factpack: global energy supply*


  • citrus fruit battery, ferrofluids, magnetic strength, making an electromagnet*, balloon and treacle, Van de Graaff generator


  • what are magnets? what are electromagnets? how do generators work? maglev trains, MRI, Earth’s wandering poles

Energy and radioactivity


  • forms of energy, energy transformation, potential energy, steam power, the energy of Formula 1, perpetual motion, Factpack: horsepower


  • underwater volcano, heat absorption, Ingenhousz’s heat conductors, cloud in a bottle, ball and hoop, heat loss


  • heat transport, laws of thermodynamics, expansion and contraction, red hot: emergency stop, hot air balloons, cavitation, the race for absolute zero: liquefying gas, factpack: extreme temperatures, the race for absolute zero: laser cooling


  • radioactive substances, radioactive half-life, reducing radiation risk, nuclear fusion: the hot and cold science, nuclear weapons, factpack: background radiation


Applying Force

  • Friction

o friction, streamlined, aerodynamics, curling, factpack: experience friction*

  • Machines

o levers,wheels,pulleys planes,wedges,screws, pyramids

  • forces of nature, centripetal force, rollercoasters, Factpack: G-force*, fighter pilot G-force*


  • liquid density, can crusher, Cartesian diver, frozen balloon, Hero’s engine, smashing eggs, separating notebooks, centre of gravity

Newton's laws

  • body crash, Newton's laws, speed,velocity,acceleration, momentum, terminal velocity, animals fly, planes fly, Factpack: acceleration


  • gas laws, buoyancy*, the bends, Factpack: pressure and altitude, pressure and surface area

Our solar system

Solar system

  • Rare Earth

o Earth's twin, the Goldilocks zone

  • The Planets

o Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus

  • Venus

o Venus 1: atmosphere, Venus 2: surface

  • What are asteroids? the birth of our solar system, what is an orbit? How did Saturn get its rings? Factpack: moons

Sun and stars

  • day and night, why is the sky blue? what are eclipses? the sun, northern lights and solar flares, shadow chasers, constellations, what are stars? death of the sun

The moon

  • the moon, the moon and its effect on life, the moon and spring tides, dark side of the moon, life without the moon, moon measuring, man on the moon: part 1, fly me to the moon, man on the moon: part 2


Big Bang

  • Big Bang Theory, Big Bang evidence, Large Hadron Collider, Nobel prize by chance, cold war two, gamma rays, Factpack: redshift, Factpack: big bang scientists

Life in the universe

  • Life on Mars

o Mars: dead planet, Mars: the search for water, Mars: under the ice, next stop Mars

  • Titan Probes

o place like home: life on a moon: place like home: Cassini, place like home: inside a probe

  • Colonizing the moon, planet Hunters, SETI: are we alone? planet Kevin, Life in space

Outer space

  • scale of the universe, black holes, Milky Way's black hole, telescopes, Hubble space telescope, how are mirrors made? The search for dark matter, what is a light year? Kittinger: first man in space?


  • Shoemaker-Levy, the satellite story, moon measuring, what is GPS? What are comets?


EM spectrum

  • The electromagnetic spectrum, waves in medicine, infrared snake hunt, how do mobile phones work? submarine communication, Factpack: animals


  • bell in a vacuum, dancing polymer, Ruben’s tube*, measuring music, splitting light


  • what is sound? resonance, speed of sound, Doppler shift, beyond human hearing, shockwaves, musical instruments*, echolocation: dolphins, Factpack: decibel range

Chemistry videos useful for physics class

This list includes only the videos that are worth watching for grade 8 or grade 12 physics.

Atoms and bonding


  • What is an atom? Factpack: structure of the atom, Factpack: scale of the atom*

States of Matter

  • Solids liquids and gases, changing states of matter