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Nigel WARD


UK Qualified Teacher Status recognised: 1 August 1983

UK Teacher Reference Number: 8270270

French 'microentrepreneur' SIRET number: 847 836 731 00012

Professional web sites:


Note: US grade levels are used on this page. Add one to US grade level to obtain UK 'year'. For example, US grade 9 = UK year 10.

2019- : ICS School, Sophia Antipolis, France

Teacher of Physical Science (grade 8), Chemistry (grades 10 and 11) and Physics (grade 12).

19: I created my own company as a self-employed 'microentrepreneur' to be able to offer classes in science and ICT, including online classes.

14- : Developing tech-related websites and courses

Having realised that robots and artificial intelligence are going to have a huge impact on society in the coming decades, I created and developed multiple websites to address related issues:

  • discusses technology in general, including how technology may impact our jobs, our health, our minds, and our existence as a species.
  • for robotics, especially the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot and the standard Lego EV3 icon-based programming system. In one year this site had 75 thousand unique visitors.
  • for programming the Lego EV3 with 'EV3 Basic' (Microsoft Small Basic with the EV3 extension). My site is recognised by the developer of the extension as the official site for tutorials on EV3 Basic.
  • I also have a free Udemy course on EV3 Basic with more than 6000 students from 122 countries enrolled and a high rating of 4.53/5 (as of June 2019).
  • for programming the Lego EV3 using the Python programming language. Since the EV3 is probably the most popular robot on the planet, especially in pedagogic contexts, and since Python is probably the most-taught textual programming language, I'm convinced that every Python course should end with teaching how to program the Lego EV3 with this language. My website is intended to promote this idea. Programming robots adds a new dimension to normal programming since in this context programming collides with the real world, with all its unpredictability and messiness.
  • All the above-mentioned sites are free and are exempt of advertising, but I am currently preparing to release a new Udemy course on EV3 Python which will not be free.
  • I also have dozens of pedagogical videos on my YouTube channel which have been viewed more than 150 thousand times in total.

05-14: European School III, Brussels

  • Teacher of ICT (grades 6-10), Physics (grade 9) and Integrated Science (grades 6-8).

00-05: International School of Sophia Antipolis / Centre International de Valbonne

  • Technology Coordinator. Teacher of Computer Science (grades 6 - 11) and pre-IB physics (grade 10). Responsible for school website. Responsible for creation and development of online reporting database.
  • Teacher of Multimedia (Premiere digital video editing, Photoshop graphics, Flash animation techniques, Visual Basic programming, FrontPage web site creation) to 12th grade students within the GRETA of the CIV.
  • Teacher of Physics to 12th grade students within the GRETA of the CIV.

97-00: Hong Kong International School and

  • Teacher of Visual Basic programming, General Physics, Honors Physics, Advanced Placement Physics C (calculus-based), all at high school level. Senior homeroom advisor. Squash coach. Participation in charitable activities in favour of mentally and physically handicapped children.

96-97: German Swiss International School of Hong Kong

  • Teacher of Information Technology in forms 1, 2 and 3 (grades 6 -8). Teacher of Physics and Chemistry in forms 1 and 2 (grades 6 and 7), IGCSE Physics in form 4 (grade 9), Nuffield Advanced Level Physics in lower sixth and upper sixth (11th and 12th grade). Homeroom advisor in form 4 (grade 9).

95-96: Hong Kong International School

  • Teacher of Visual Basic Programming (grades 9-12), Technology Literacy (grades 9-12), Principles of Science (grade 9). ‘Technology Literacy’ includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access, as well as CD-ROM research, online services and video production.

94-95: Wrote "IB Physics Alive!", testing, coaching and diagnostic software

  • This software was written to aid students of International Baccalaureate physics. This software was purchased and used by several international schools in various countries.

88-94: French American International School of San Francisco

  • Teacher of Computer Science (grades 6 to 10), Physics to grades 6, 9, 11 and 12 (AP and International Baccalaureate Higher Level), Chemistry (grades 9, 10), Mathematics (6, 9), Earth Science (8). Ran a computer club. Ran computer classes for faculty. Installed and maintained a network of Macintosh computers.

84-88: International School of Brussels, Belgium

  • Teacher of Physics (International Baccalaureate Higher Level and Advanced Placement), Chemistry, Mathematics, Photography. Grades 9-12. Audio-visual coordinator. Technical Director of ISB auditorium and theatre. Leader of Photography Club and Video Club. Co-organiser of the Science Club.

83-84: British School of Brussels,

  • Teacher of Physics (to Ordinary and Advanced Level).

81-82: Institute of Modern Languages and Communications, Brussels, Belgium.

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (to French and Flemish speaking adults).


82-83: Canterbury Christ Church College (now Canterbury Christ Church University),

  • Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in Physics.
  • Main subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Math.
  • UK Qualified Teacher Status acquired (reference number 8270270)

77-80: Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London,

  • Physics B.Sc. degree with Honours.


  • Fluent spoken and written French.
  • Intermediate Dutch and Italian.
  • Italian, Spanish.


Available upon request.