Non-Adobe Flash

Since Adobe Flash is an expensive, hard-to-learn program you may prefer getting one of the cheaper programs that can also be used to produce Flash animations, such as...

  • 3D Flash Animator is a free program that we will experiment with - follow the 3D FA link at the top of this page. (
  • Coffecup Firestarter. See
  • Swish ( has the advantage that it looks very much like Adobe Flash. It's not as powerful as Adobe Flash, but it's a lot cheaper and does a good job making flashy text effects. It's not a bad idea to make text effects in Swish, save them in FLA format, and then open the FLA file in Adobe Flash so that you can add the interactivity and sophistication that only Adobe Flash can provide.
  • Swish Max is a more powerful version of Swish that allows scripting (simple programming). Check it out!