Physics Resources

In addition to your Giancoli textbook, you may find these free resources to be useful: videos: See the separate sheet.

PDF version of the US version of the textbook. (I'm not sure that it's legal for this document to be available online). I believe the US version of the text has essentially the same text as the global version that we use but some of the question sets are different.

Notes for each chapter in PPT form:





Notes in PDF format based on the Giancoli textbook. Not the same as the PPTs above:

Here are notes to accompany the 'ITESM physics' class I used to teach at the CIV. This was NOT the same syllabus as we have at ICS but you may find it helpful.

On YouTube, search for videos made by famous physicists and physics teachers

· Paul Hewitt (high school level, but the videos are old). For example or

· Julius Sumner Miller (old, but the level is good)

More advanced resources for curious folks…

· Walter Lewin (a lecturer at MIT, fairly recent) such as Newton's Laws:

· Richard Feynman (very famous physicist, but the videos are old)

MIT physics demos:

Physics Girl: