U18 Ski Team

2022-2023 Season

u18 Ski Team TWAN


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Monthly Training plan

This is your training plan for the month of July

Full month plan

Notes about the training plan :

  • Goals for this month :

    1. Manage high volume training

    2. Incorporate in gym strength if you can

    3. Listen to our bodies

  • Feel free to ask questions

  • New strength plan below!!

Strength plan in gym (day 1)

Strength Day 1

Strength in gym day 2

Strength Day 2

U18 Ski Team Coaches 22 / 23 Season

Head Coach : Katherine Denis

Associate Coach : Fred Serratore

Development Coach : Hannah Shields

Volunteer Coach : Wayne Dustin

Volunteer Coach : Steven Paradine

Volunteer Coach : Dave Allan

Volunteer Coach : Andrea Strachan

Extras for athletes

More to come...

More Information

Awesome photo/video tribute to the Nakkertok 2002 Racers, by Steve Paradine.

Official Instragram page

The Responsible Coaching Movement :

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport: https://cces.ca/responsible-coaching-movement

Canadian Sport Helpline https://cces.ca/canadian-sport-helpline

​​Visit: abuse-free-sport.ca

Email: info@abuse-free-sport.ca

Call or text: 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678)