U18 Ski Team

Thank you!

This has been an extraordinary season in which I believe our focus and resilience have been challenged. Through multiple adjustments and re-focusing to what we do as athletes, as teammates, as coaches (as a team) I believe we have learned a lot.

Thank you to Steve, Wayne, John and Hannah.

Thank you to the parents.

Thank you to the event volunteers.

Thank you to Heather and to the race program organizing group.

Thank you Britt, Jeremy and Luke and the many other leaders on the team.

Thank you for the surprise coach appreciation ceremony at our last practice! The Jesse Williams prints and wine gifts presented to the coaches are very thoughtful and much appreciated. Thank you so much everyone.



Instagram Project

U18 - TWAN

Awesome photo/video tribute to the Nakkertok 2002 Racers, by Steve Paradine.

Musing on the SportingLIFE:

Jumping mechanics: last updated: Fri., Jan. 3, 2020


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