U18 (2002-2003)

Important Nakkertrak ANNOUNCEMENT:

As a measure to manage the number of skiers using the limited trails space on the Nakkertrak, athletes must request to ski during reserved times outside their team's practice times. If you would like to ski during a Nakkertok Racing Program reserved time please speak to me. I will then see if you can ski as a guest during the requested time. And while skiing as a "guest" you will be required to use one of the red bibs. Thank You!

Full Practice Plans have been moved to the bottom of this web page in the coaches section.

!!!Volunteers needed for the Candy Cane Cup/NorAm race Dec 13-15!!!

Our club shares the revenue, based on the # of volunteers. Jobs for novice officials, small and larger shifts, before and during the event!

SIGN UP here> https://easterns.ivolunteer.com/candycanecup_2019

Racing Team Fundraiser: a perfect Christmas Present: 100 Years of Skiing in the Gatineau

Musing on the SportingLIFE:

Training Camp: Preparatory Notes regarding ForĂȘt on-Snow Camp, last updated: Wed., Nov. 6, 2019

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