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Next Practice:

  • When: Saturday Oct 1st, 8:45am-10:30am

  • Where: P7, Gatineau Park (specific group meeting locations TBD - check back Friday)

  • Wear/Bring: Appropriate clothing (thin layers), running shoes, water and small snack.

  • NOTES: Parking lots are likely to be very busy this weekend. You might want to consider carpooling, and note that if you are driving back to P7 to pick up at 10:30, there is unlikely to be parking available then, so you might have to do a drive-by-pickup...

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Severe Weather Policy


Check here for an awesome video of NORAMS (usually the highlight of the Racing Rabbit season) from a couple of years ago: NORAMs

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Community Coaching

November 26 and 27 at Nakkertok South (on-snow)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Community Coaching

Learn2Train Dryland

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October 15 and 16 at Nakkertok South

Prerequisite: Community Coaching

Learn2Train OnSnow

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November 19 and 20 at Nakkertok South

Prerequisite: Community Coaching

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Head Coach: Stephanie Edwards racingrabbitsl2t@gmail.com

Parent Rep: Tracy Baird rrcoordinatorl2t@gmail.com