U16 (2004-2005)


- !!!Volunteers needed for the Candy Cane Cup/NorAm race Dec 13-15!!!

Our club shares the revenue, based on the # of volunteers. Jobs for novice officials, small and larger shifts, before and during the event!

SIGN UP here> https://easterns.ivolunteer.com/candycanecup_2019

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- Racing Team Fundraiser and a perfect Christmas Present: 100 Years of Skiing in the Gatineau


TWAN 28.1

After months of training finally some races in which you can test your fitness and improved technique against the formidable foe of the Nakkertrak!

.Quality racing does not just magically happen.

You must be prepared to give your best effort.

You best effort is worth much more when you own the whole process

Think about the course

What techniques and where to best employ them.

What effort is required for each section and distance?

(This evening I will be posting to the web site sample race plans)

Think about your sleep, hydration, nutrition and plan to complete your other responsibilities.

Your pre-race packing (water, food, extra clothing, etc)

Your warm up (which will be a running warm-up all weekend) ideas are here

Your race!

Your cool down.

Those are all yours

Start lists will be posted here.and/or on the event web site

Thank your parents now for they will also be busy:


Supporting the team

Supporting the event

More event info will be sent the night before each race.

Note that for those of you skiing on Dec. 13 your race skis must be dropped off tonight after training

If you are racing on the 14th - drop off your skate ace skis when you pick up your race skis on the 13th or drop them off at 3 pm on the 13th

Drop-off is the miniME

December 15 is the deadline to register for QCUP#5 at Morin Heights in early April.

Register on the MTS.

This Week's Training:

Tuesday Dec. 10

Location: NS

Time: 630-830

Equipment: Skate + running shoes

Hand in Race Classic skis - labled after practice

Name, category, gender, # layers grip wax

Thursday Dec. 12

Location: NS

Time: 630-8

Equipment: Classic + running shoes

Pre-Race prep: course inspection and accelerations

Friday Dec. 13

Candy Cane Cup Race #1

1k Classic Prologue

arrive at 1230.

meet at the miniME for 1245

hand in Skate race skis after your race

Saturday Dec. 14

Candy Cane Cup Race #2

Skate 5 k

Time: tbc

Hand in your Classic race skis when you pick up your skate race skis

Sunday Dec. 15

Candy Cane Cup Race #3

Classic 7.5k

Time: tbc

You must be menatally tough for this race!

Next Week's Training:

Tuesday Dec. 17

Location: NS

Time: 630-830

Equipment: Classic + running shoes

Thursday Dec. 19

Location: NS

Time: 630-8 pm

Equipment: Skate + running shoes

Friday Dec. 21

Location: NS or tbc

Time: 8 to 1030 am or tbc

Equipment: Classic + running shoes