Ms. Brenner's Resources

Forget TeacherspayTeachers, this is Teachers helping Teachers.

You should sit in nature for twenty minutes a day... unless you are busy.  Then, you should sit for an hour.

... but who has time for that?  Teachers work hard.  I know you are writing curriculum, giving feedback to students, and teaching and presenting the material.  Leave about 5pm?  Work through lunch?  Searching Teachers Pay Teachers?   How are you supposed to find the time??  Well, you just did.  

These are all my best lessons, all free, and it's all good stuff.  Right here.  No cost.  No obligation.  Lessons, Direct Instruction Videos, worksheets to print for your class, and me to email if you have any questions.  

Now, you can.... maybe, if you're lucky....squeeze in some free time for yourself.  Drink your coffee while it's still hot.  I got you.

This is mainly for fourth, fifth and sixth grade, but like any teacher, most of my kids are not exactly on grade-level.  I have had students that work at a second-grade level and other kids coming in fast at eighth-grade level!  So, yes, I do teach currently teach 4th and 5th, but previoulsly taught 5th and 6th.  At Sycamore Valley Academy in California... We do a Year A and Year B rotation.  I have the same kids for two years.  Right now, I am teaching fifth grade curriculum next year it will be fourth and the repeat that cycle.  Because we do this and because I have the same kids for two years, I am forced to scale down and scale up from the regular curriculum.  I try to use elements of Universal Design in my lessons.  Also, disclaimer- I am not perfect. There are some spelling errors.  There is where I need you: If you see a spelling errors, or a deadlink throw me an email at and I can fix it.  

Now, I don't think I need to say this, because you are a cool and awesome teacher, but let's talk legal stuff for a minute. You have my permission to use this in your classroom, make photocopies, and share it with other teachers to use in their classrooms. Yep. However,  you do not have my permission to exploit it, sell it to someone else, tweak it and then sell it... just be cool... It is all copyrighted and my intellectual property, but I give permissions to teachers of all kinds to use to in their classrooms.  We cool?  

On the other hand, let's talk about the other people's stuff I shared.  There are tons of other resources on here are from others.  I just shared the free link - nothing you couldn't find yourself from a Google Search.  The only thing I really did here was save you searching time.  So, that being said, and that out of the way... get your lessons plans done and turned in so you can get back to the rest of your life.

Another legal loophole that you need to know is that some school districts, and some of your work emails, will block you downloading or opening files from this website simply because it's mostly Google Drive from an "unknown user".  Some of you might need to use your personal account to download stuff to a Google Drive. 

Usually, what I do, is I use my personal account, and put it on my drive under math, reading, grammar that sort of thing.  If I ever move districts or schools or states, my stuff goes with me.  As a teacher, I print most of my stuff so I don't have to worry about what my district blocks, or decides to delete off my work drive.  I really don't like letting whatever district I work for edit away some of the things I spent years working on.  And I don't like when I move jobs that I lose all my stuff. So I guess my general advice is don't save stuff on your work drive, save stuff on your personal drive!  

The Mountains are calling and i must go.