Board Games

Perhaps one of my favourite games for our Kinders is based off of Turtle Logo programming. They navigate their turtles to a jewel using movement cards. As they progress, they can add obstacles and cool coding cards that can change the difficulty of play.


This card game will jump off the pages....board....anywhere! littlecodr is a series of challenges and sequence cards that you use in your own environment. Pick a starting and an ending point then use the cards to show the pathway that is needed to get there. Not sure what to code? There are challenge cards that come with the game for students to figure out. I love that this game can adapt to wherever you are.

We might be pushing out of Kindergarten on this one, but it's such a great game and I was surprised by a few Sr. Kinders who brought this one in from home. It is rated for ages 8+ and there is some reading involved, which might make it more difficult, but I found that they decoded the cards to match what they needed to do. Introduce some counters and it became an amazing math lesson.

SRWB 2.2, 3.2, 8.1 DLMB 15.1, 17.2 PSI 1.2

The standards will be different based on the type of board game you are using.