Dash & Dot

By far the most entertaining of the programmable robots are Dot (the little one) and Dash (the big one on wheels). These two come with a slew of apps that range from blockly coding to driving, and they even have attachments such as the xylophone and catapult. They are also able to interact with their environments by using sound and motion sensors.

Each app offers it's own unique coding experience. Many Kinders enjoy blending Dash's Go app and physical coding, where they can drive him around the floor to spell their names or complete counting activities. Dash and Dot can also be used on a grid with Blockly. They can drag blocks in to move across the grid system to reunite each other.

Each app helps you understand the possibilities of each robot and the Kinders quickly become coding gurus.

With so many apps to choose from, it's not surprising that Kinders love using Dot & Dash. Not only are there so many math possibilities, but by utilizing their sound/motion sensors or recording features, there is a lot of opportunity for literacy projects too.

SRWB 2.2 DLMB 11.2, 16.2, 17.2, PSI 10.2, 10.3