There are now plenty of iPad apps that offer coding games to challenge the youngest of learners. While some remain completely free, there are often apps that are "lite" versions. They usually allow you to play a few levels but in order to progress, will ask you to upgrade for a fee. Many of our robots are also app-based and require a tablet to connect the coding to the robot.

Scratch Jr. (and now PBS Scratch Jr.) seems to be a stand-alone winner in Kindergarten. In minutes, students use simplified blocks to design sets with characters, motion and even their own voice recordings. I am very pro-creativity and Scratch Jr allows Kinders to create with their own imagination. I love seeing the productions that they create in such a short time.

Check out the Scratch Jr. Interface here!

Also be sure to visit their teaching page for sample lessons, and tie-ins to curriculum

I have found that many apps focus on directional coding and co-ordinate grid systems. Programs like Kodable, Beebot app, Lightbot, etc are great for helping Kinders learn.

Shortlist of apps that our Kinders love to use:

For more apps, just type in "coding for kids" in the iTunes App store or Google Play store.

  • Kodable (Free/$: IOS & Web)

  • Beebot/Blue Bot (Free: IOS, Android)

  • Scratch Jr. (Free: IOS)

  • Daisy the Dinosaur (free/IOS)

  • Lightbot Jr. (free: IOS/Android)

  • Wonder Workshop (free: IOS/Android)

  • Tynker (free/$: IOS/Android)

  • PBS Scratch Jr. (free: IOS)

  • BoogieBot (free/$: IOS & Android

  • Spritebox (free/& IOS)

SRWB 2.2 PS/I 10.3 (SCRATCH JR. specific) DLMB 17.2