How do kinders code?

There is no doubt that coding helps students with spatial reasoning, problem solving and computational thinking, but sometimes the question arises: when do we start? The answer is simple: as early as possible. There is no need to wait until students are older, nor do we have to wait for special events like the Hour of Code (which by the way, is awesome). Coding naturally embeds itself into the curriculum from day one of when school begins.

Over the last few years, I've been in many Kindergarten classes and have been developing and adapting stations that are not only curriculum related, but also fun and engaging for the youngest of learners. I love hearing their excitement as they see all the different coding activities that are about to transpire. Whenever I work with the Kinders, the program always evolves. The great thing about little people is that they are honest. Stations/activities have been added and dropped based on their needs, wants and learning styles. I've compiled the most popular coding activities in a graphic below, but I know that this will always be a flexible document. Ideas, technology and creativity move at a fast pace.

The following webpages feature activities used in the Kinders Who Code program with linked expectations to the Four Frames of Kindergarten.