Beebots are such a great, simplistic robot that have directional arrows on top. Students can simply enter the code to see where Beebot ends up. I usually do several activities with these guys.

Most kindergarten rooms have blocks, and once we experiment with how Beebots move, the students build mazes for each other. They then challenge other students to code Beebot to go through their maze. This is an excellent learning opportunity for students to "test-fail-test again" until they free Beebot!


Another great activity (similar to physical coding) is where teachers create a grid system. (Beebot moves in 15cm increments). You can create and print out different types of cards such as numbers, letters, pictures, etc. and cater your design to any lesson. There are lots of examples of mats, cards, and activities for you to try here.

Products that use code similar to Beebot:

The Code N Go Mouse codes exactly like a Beebot, but also has an extra button that will randomly choose an action. It is also half the price--or you can upgrade to the deluxe kit that includes a plastic maze that the students can build!

Pro-Bot is the next step in the Beebot line where you can change modes from cardinal directions (like Beebot) or you can switch into a more "Logo" styled programming. The ultimate bonus of this car is that it also has touch, light and sound sensors, as well as a marker to physically draw your codes!

DLMB 17.2, 20.1 PS1 1.2, 20.1