Documenting & reflecting

Now that your coding brain is racing, your Kinders are coding, and you have the curriculum expectations, let's not forget how important it is to document and hear from our students. By using these Kinder-friendly reflection forms, your students can draw, submit, film or narrate what they learned from coding, and of course, their favourite sessions.

Get a copy of the interactive Google Drawing here.

You can also use a Google Form to keep track of all your responses. By creating Forms with different sections for the students, teachers and EdTEch Coaches, you will be able to adjust your program accordingly to your class!

It's easier than ever to document and assess how your Kinders are coding.

Let's go beyond just taking pictures of them, let's create digital portfolios using programs like GoogleEDU, Microsoft 365 (create a OneNote classroom) or Desire 2 Learn's Portfolio app.