School Counseling Office

GUIDANCE Info for Parents of Seniors

  1. NEXT STEPS: What are the next steps to get ready for life after high school? To open a PDF of the slide show from the Guidance Department's 'Senior Parent Night' please CLICK HERE.
  2. COLLEGE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: The Guidance Dept will coordinate and complete College Letters of Recommendations for any student. The Recommendation Info Sheet (aka Green Sheet) is to be completed by the student and given to their Guidance Counselor so that a letter of recommendations for college admission applications can be completed in a timely manner. CLICK HERE to open the PDF and print as needed.
  3. COMMON APP ESSAY PROMPTS (and more): CLICK HERE (this is an online link)for a good story on completing the Common App, Universal App, New Coalition App and Univ.Of California applications for college. (CLICK HERE for a PDF of the story).


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