John Adams High School (JAHS) is located in South Bend, IN at 808 S. Twyckenham Drive, South Bend, IN 46615. We are a proud member of the South Bend School District (www.sb.schools) which is a traditional public school system located in the North Central Region of the State of Indiana near the Michigan border. The world renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) program (www.ibo.org) is the magnet program offered at JAHS along with other high caliber academic pathways such as the AP (Advance Placement) and CTE (Career Tech Education) along with a life skills program for those with intellectual and developmental needs.


The John Adams High School Parent Group serves to enhance communication among parents as well as serving as a conduit between parents and our school leaders and faculty in order to build a stronger school community. We do this to ultimately support our student's education. Additionally, we serve to assist as needed in non-athletic or academic program fundraising efforts by promoting them and offering marketing, technical and digital fundraising platforms. We welcome parents and guardians of enrolled and prospective students as well as faculty, staff and students of John Adams High School to join our email list and or follow us on our social media channels.


We do not have regular monthly meetings. However, we typically have them in conjunction with other school groups and especially with the School Counseling Department on topics like preparing for college, financial aid etc that are of general interest to our parent community. These meetings will be announced via email, Facebook and Twitter. So please follow us on our social media channels.


Website: www.JohnAdamsParentGroup.com

Email: JohnAdamsParentGroup@gmail.com

Regular news is sent out via our email list. We'd strongly recommend signing up for these as though sometimes we cross post news to our social media channels due to the algorithms used by the companies one may not always see posts on a timely basis. We consider email more reliable and is person-to-person. To subscribe please fill out the form below. Just scroll down below the calendar and we'll get you added soon.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnAdamsParentGroup

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/JAParentGroup (@JAParentGroup)


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-Additional parents/guardians can be added and they do not have to live in the same household as the student.

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