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Hello and welcome to The EaCES Handbook!  

This site was created by current Estranged and Care Experienced Students (EaCES) in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, to summarise all of the advice and information we know about to support students like us in higher and further education and to share our own lived experiences and stories. Want to know more? See about us...

Please note that, because we are just students like you - and not a charity or formal organisation - we cannot support anyone directly and we are not trained professionals. 

If you are a member of staff in Further or Higher Education, see our page for you! We have free resources for you, including a poster you can print or display on digital screens.

In the EaCES Handbook you can find support and advice on:

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This section provides an introduction to the process of getting to higher or further education, student finance, supported entry and definitions.

This part of our handbook focuses on some of the practical things which EaCES may need support with while in education, covering everything from disabilities to guarantors.

This section overviews making the most of your money and ways in which to get some extra money.

Relationships and connections can be complicated, particularly for members of the EaCE community - so this part looks at trying to offer some tips/advice on relationships.

Taking care of yourself is important so this chapter has some advice for looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.

This part is all about networking, supporting others and real - surviving and thriving - EaCES. Find people who get it and make new friends.

Did you know? 

This copy of The EaCES Handbook that you are currently reading was re-published on 08.07.24. If you have an edit you'd like to suggest, drop us a message via this Google Form or if you're a student/recent graduate, you can even join our 90+ virtual team and make updates to this book yourself!

Who is behind this?

There are many editors who all have relevant lived experience behind our handbook and all of our work. Without their dedication, time and hard work: none of this would be possible. There is a special thank you to them beneath, but if you would like to see some real life success stories from our community - head to our Real Life Stories tab.

This website could not have come about without the input and guidance from many people across the UK and Ireland. 

We'd like to say a really big 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who has supported us so far and helped this Handbook come to life - in particular: Artie, Nickola, Jess, Cereza, Chloe, David, Blair, Nadia, Jaz, Sarah, Noemi, Mia, Lucy, Rameen, Hannah, Oscar, Bry, Rhia, Ira, Kevin, Connor, Leyla-Ann (logo designer), Jessica, Kez, Tina, Sam, Tristan, Ikra, Morven and Nicki

We also want to thank the estranged, orphaned, refugee, care leaver and care experienced students and graduates who are working on this project and our X, Tiktok and Instagram - and who submit their ideas anonymously. We are all volunteers here and we appreciate you so much. 

We'd also like to thank the following organisations for their help/support in the creation of advisory content in parts of this EaCES Handbook:

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