The EaCES Handbook

Hello and welcome to The EaCES Handbook!

This site was created by current Estranged and Care Experienced Students (EaCES) in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, to summarise all of the advice and information we know about to support students like us in higher and further education and to share our own lived experiences and stories. Want to know more? See about us...

Please note that, because we are just students like you - and not a charity or formal organisation - we cannot support anyone directly and we are not trained professionals.

Within the EaCES Handbook you can find support and advice on:

Did you know?

The EaCES Handbook is updated regularly. The copy you are currently reading was published on 20.05.22.

This website could not have come about without the input and guidance from many people across the UK and Ireland.

We'd like to say a really big 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who has supported us so far and helped this Handbook come to life - in particular: Artie, Nickola, Jess, Cereza, Chloe, David, Blair, Nadia, Jaz, Sarah, Noemi, Mia, Lucy, Rameen, Hannah, Oscar, Bry, Rhia, Connor, Leyla-Ann, Jessica, Tristan and Morven.

We also want to thank the estranged, orphaned, refugee, care leaver and care experienced students who are working on this project and our Twitter/Instagram - and who submit their ideas anonymously. We appreciate you so much.

We'd also like to thank the following organisations for their help/support in the creation of advisory content in parts of this Handbook:

Something missing?

  • If you have some advice or a link to a website/resource that you think we could add, drop us a message via this Google Form.

  • This Handbook is made by estranged and care experienced students and we are learning from each other all the time - so we are very grateful for other people's suggestions and ideas!

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