David Hutton was a 1997 graduate of Cameron County High School.  David’s hard work and fine character were keys to his success in Track and Field and throughout his continuing education.  In September of 2005, while pursuing a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology, David passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

The Award and its Purpose

The award has been created from monies given in honor of David Hutton.  The fund was created to assist student-athletes in their efforts to continue their educational aspirations, and is sustained by an annual 5K run & 2-mile walk in Emporium, PA.  

Currently, we offer up to three $1,000 (One Thousand Dollar) scholarships each year; one to a Cameron County senior, and an additional one or more that will be open to all eligible applicants within Elk, McKean, Potter, and Cameron Counties. Scholarship recipients are selected by the David Hutton Memorial Committee. The grant will be paid after the first semester to the recipient’s college/university if the student’s first semester grades are 3.0 or higher and they have enrolled in the second semester.  

The Applicant

To be eligible, the applicant:

1.     Must be a senior in a high school in Elk, McKean, Potter, or Cameron County in Pennsylvania.

2.      Must have been a resident of your present school district at least three years.

3.      Must have been a member of the Track and Field Team for at least three years, including applicant’s senior year.

4.      Must have gained acceptance to a four-year college or university.

Eligible applicants:

1.      Must submit a typed essay on their main goal in life and how they expect to achieve this goal.  

2.      Must complete Application and Family information sheet.

3.      Must submit two letters of recommendation from references of non-relation.

a.       References must reflect upon your character, work ethic and leadership qualities.

b.      Reference request letter is provided in packet.

c.      Name, phone number, and email (if available) of references are required on the application page.

4.      Must submit a transcript of their grades.

5.      Must submit via email or post marked all application materials to David Hutton Memorial Committee by May 1st, 2024.

Scholarship Committee

The selection committee is composed of The David Hutton Memorial Committee.  

For additional information about the committee, scholarship, and 5K & 2-mile walk visit: www.davidhuttonmemorial.org or our Facebook group

Questions about the scholarship can be directed to scholarship@davidhuttonmemorial.org 

Scholarship Materials can be emailed to scholarship@davidhuttonmemorial.org - Please email all materials at once, preferably in PDF format.

The Criteria for Selection

After reviewing the grade transcripts, essays, and contacting references of the eligible students, the committee will select up to three students who exhibit the highest work ethic while demonstrating a high level of leadership and character.  In the event that eligible students do not apply or cannot be selected, fewer or no scholarship(s) may be awarded for that academic year.

Recipient Instructions

The student(s) awarded grants must supply a copy of their first-semester grades and proof of second-semester enrollment to:        

          David Hutton Memorial Fund

          11170 Rt. 120

          Emporium, PA  15834

Once requirements are met and verified, monies will be awarded to the recipient via check in the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) to the student's University/College.