2014 Results

Male Overall:

Aziz Yousif, 1st overall, 18:04

Male 14 & under:

1st Matthew Dippold, 4th overall, 18:54

2nd Alex Umble, 33rd overall, 24:46

3rd Eli Petruzzi 34th overall, 24:51

4th Sawyer Batterson 55th overall, 30:13

5th Elijah Conklin 57th overall, 30:25

6th Seth Batterson 70th overall, 33:24

Male 15-19:

1st Andrew Smith 7th overall, 20:06

2nd Mitchell Schreiber, 11th overall, 20:55

3rd Ben Ubert 12th overall, 21:13

4th Brandon Kinkead 20th overall, 22:40

5th Sam Wolfe 24th overall, 23:16

6th Zachary Conely 36th overall, 25:30

7th Jacob Undercofler 42nd overall, 27:47

Male 20-29:

1st Kyle Kinkead 13th overall, 21:14

Male 30-39:

1st Jeff Hutton, 23rd overall, 23:11

2nd Eric Fiebig 39th overall, 26:39

3rd Joseph Sayre, 43rd overall, 27:48

4th Mark Conklin 58th overall, 30:40

5th Andy Sidelinger 79th overall, 37:16

6th Michael Ackerson 80th overall, NT

Male 40-49:

1st Sean Conklin, 2nd overall, 18:23 Age Group Record

2nd Timothy Wyant 5th overall, 18:55

3rd Sean Batterson, 8th overall, 20:16

4th Chuck Beyer, 16th overall, 21:41

5th WeeJ Fernan, 17th overall, 22:06

6th Rob Redden, 18th overall, 22:15

7th Mitch Radella, 19th overall, 22:20

8th Steve Luckenbill, 29th overall, 24:02

9th Dean Schatz, 35th overall, 25:01

10th Samson Wyant, 48th overall, 28:49

11th Doug Mawn, 64th overall, 31:06

Male 50-59:

1st Myron Zwally, 10th overall, 20:39

2nd Lynn Newcomer, 14th overall, 21:30

3rd Ken Huey, 21st overall, 22:53

4th Tom Hutton, 30th overall, 24:05

5th Robert Steffer, 31st overall, 24:28

6th Rob Singer, 37th overall, 25:38

7th Jude Hoffman, 54th overall, 29:30

8th Joe Hoffman, 59th overall, 30:41

9th Robert Porter, 66th overall, 31:47

10th John Coppock, 72nd overall, 33:41

Male 60-69:

1st Tom Gooch, 9th overall, 20:21 Age Group Record

2nd Roger Deller, 45th overall, 28:00

3rd Ben Zappa, 47th overall, 28:39 *700th Race*

Female Overall:

Tori Dippold, 3rd overall, 18:48 Age Group Record and 2nd All-Time Female

Female 14 and under:

1st Abby Bonfardin, 25th overall, 23:48

2nd Conner Gracey-Dalton, 50st overall, 28:59

3rd Julie Hoffman, 53rd overall, 29:29

4th Thea Petruzzi, 65th overall, 31:38

5th Emma Fox, 68th overall, 32:22

6th Janelle Sidelinger, 77th overall, 35:52

Female 15-19:

1st Michelle Bauer, 6th overall, 19:50 and 5th All-Time Female

2nd Shelby Schreiber, 11th overall, 20:55 and 10th All-Time Female

3rd Ellie Pearson, 26th overall, 23:50

4th Alayna Genevro, 49th overall, 28:50

Female 20-29:

1st Hilary Cooney, 27th overall, 23:55

2nd Kristina Fragale, 46th overall, 28:15

3rd Sasha Yohe, 69th overall, 32:24

4th Ashley Martin, 71st overall, 33:32

Female 30-39:

1st Kristen Eckert, 51st overall, 29:02

2nd Desiree Cummings, 52nd overall, 29:30

3rd Kayleen Porter, 67th overall, 32:09

4th Anne Sayre, 73rd overall, 34:40

5th Ashley Trumpie, 74th overall, 34:41

6th Tanya Gayley, 76th overall, 35:43

7th Jill Sidelinger, 78th overall, 36:29

8th Angeline Ackerson, 81st overall, NT

Female 40-49:

1st Daphne McNamara, 28th overall, 24:00

2nd Stephanie Loveland, 38th overall, 25:51

3rd Christine Morrison, 40th overall, 27:32

4th Jill Conklin, 41st overall, 27:34

5th Barb Schatz, 44th overall, 27:55

6th Mary Gracey-Dalton, 62nd overall, 30:55

7th Lisa Undercofler, 63rd overall, 30:56

Female 50-59:

1st Karen Kinkead, 22nd overall, 23:01 Age Group Record

2nd Colleen DeBoer, 32nd overall, 24:37

3rd Fe Caruso, 56th overall, 30:17

4th Molly Topolski, 60th overall, 30:50

5th Amy Popielski, 61st overall, 30:54

Female 60+:

1st Nancy McBreen, 75th overall, 35:00