2019 Results

Male Overall:

Benjamin Hoffman, 1st overall, 17:01.55 4th best all-time!

Male 14 & under:

1st Kevin Sherry, 4th overall, 19:35.70

2nd Eli Schreiber, 9th overall, 22:21.99

3rd Levi Solada, 30th overall, 26:50.29

4th Brady Porter, 36th overall, 28:21.29

5th Clay Solada, 45th overall, 31:46.53 - recipient of the “Citius, Altius, Fortius” award for most improved time from the previous year with an improvement of 5 min. 29 sec.

6th Micah Coppock, 47th overall, 32:01.33

7th Tymber Nichols, 60th overall, 38:37.91

8th Jacob Kepple, 61st overall, 38:39.11

9th Oliver Coppock, 62nd overall, 39:07.63

Male 15-19:

1st Samuel Cunkleman, 2nd overall, 17:31.84 7th best all-time!

2nd Joe Wolfe, 3rd overall, 18:51.87

3rd Adam Straub, 5th overall, 20:21.37

Male 20-29:

1st Logan Hutton, 8th overall, 22:18.10

2nd Hunter Horning, 11th overall, 22:48.61

3rd Jake Wallace, 15th overall, 23:23.46

4th Tyler Kiebler, 19th overall, 24:47.83

5th Bryce Frey, 22nd overall, 25:24.37

Male 30-39:

1st Saul Solveson, 12th overall, 22:54.62

2nd Seth Fragale, 17th overall, 24:12.62

3rd Joshua Zucal, 20th overall, 24:54.87

4th Scott Floyd, 28th overall, 26:33.12

Male 40-49:

1st Rick Gabler, 6th overall, 20:53.33

2nd WeeJ Fernan, 7th overall, 21:13.53

3rd Jonathan Cunkleman, 10th overall, 22:40.84

4th Steve Aharrah, 37th overall, 28:36.66

5th Joseph Sayre, 55th overall 34:53.38

Male 50-59:

1st Myron Zwally, 13th overall, 22:55.37

2nd Mark Malarik, 24th overall, 25:54.12

3rd Tom Hutton, 25th overall, 26:09.24

4th Rob Crane, 39th overall, 28:59.82

5th Scoop Mcmanigle, 41st overall, 29:19.13

6th Steve Van Eerden, 44th overall, 30:43.19

Male 60+:

1st Gregory Burns, 16th overall, 23:28.94

2nd John Costoon, 27th overall, 26:25.88

3rd Allen Russell, 33rd overall, 27:31.67

4th Michael Palamarchuck, 32:06.59

Female Overall:

Adria Magnusson, 14th overall, 23:14.10

Female 14 and under:

1st Janelle Sidelinger, 31st overall, 27:21.78

2nd Sophia Bille, 32nd overall, 27:28.38

3rd Gianna Bille, 35th overall, 28:17.13

4th Aaralyn Robinson, 54th overall, 34:20.63

Female 15-19:

1st Natalie Zucal, 23rd overall, 25:27.48

2nd Cassie Frey, 38th overall, 28:38.37

Female 20-29:

1st Molly Gigioli, 26th overall, 26:19.80

2nd Katherine Murphy, 51st overall, 32:26.88

Female 30-39:

1st Jennifer Adamson, 18th overall, 24:33.81

2nd Jeana Bolin, 43rd overall, 29:45.10

3rd Kristen Eckert, 48th overall, 32:05.58

4th Madelyn Novak, 50th overall, 32:21.63

5th Juneann Major, 58th overall, 37:16.61

6th Katie Hutton, 63rd overall, 43:16.18

Female 40-49:

1st Holly Morelli, 21st overall, 25:12.61

2nd Valerie Van Breugel, 29th overall, 26:43.60

3rd Marie Russell, 40th overall, 29:17.29

4th Anne Sayre, 59th overall, 38:04.45

Female 50-59:

1st Stephanie Loveland, 34th overall, 28:08.38

2nd Sara Mercer, 42nd overall, 29:40.62

3rd Molly Toplolski, 46th overall, 31:56.86

4th Lorraine Cappiello, 52nd overall, 32:51.88

5th Karen Hutton, 57th overall, 35:39.27

Female 60+:

1st Marilyn Mitcheltree, 53rd overall, 33:02.63

2nd Margie Buck, 56th overall, 35:34.96