Profile Tips

How to make a great profile

Let's keep this advice really short, so you will read it all.

Profile Tips for Men

Your profile photo is everything. The photo above is one of the most successfully swiped photo of all time. Let's talk about why:

  1. Good looking guy.
  2. Professional quality photo.
  3. Smiling.
  4. Sunlight.
  5. Smartly dressed.
  6. Candid.

We're not all good looking, but if your photo has great lighting it will make a world of difference. Hire someone if you have to, it will be worth it - but everyone owns a high res smart phone these days, so you must have at least one friend who can help you replicate something like this... remember: outdoor lighting naturally makes you look more attractive, and a smile naturally makes you look more attractive. Some personality is good, and a nice shirt goes a long way. Don't do a bathroom selfie with no shirt.

Then for the text... girls actually do read text often before they contact you, so remember to sell yourself a little with humor and humility. "I was lucky enough" goes a long way. To say you are "passionate about" something helps even more.

Biggest advice of all: get your friends to review your profile. They will help find a better photo or better text!

Profile Tips for Women

I've had lots of women ask me to look at their dating profiles, and I take a completely different approach for men. Lots of the women I know already seem to have a good photo of themselves - some great ones maybe... so I just ask them to pick the one that conveys what they want. If you want a LTR, do not lead with a bikini photo - guys will then hope to sleep with you on the first date.

Often your problem isn't getting matches.... it's about filtering those matches. The more text you have, the higher the drop off rate for men. Say exactly what you want on your profile to scare off any guy who doesn't match what you want, or doesn't want to put any real effort into it.

Anything like: "I will not sleeps with anyone until we've know each other for weeks" or the concise "no hookups" is pretty mandatory (if applicable). Then a little about yourself and don't be afraid to spell out exactly what you want in a man - non smoking, intelligence, minimum height (you might get shorter guys criticize you for this, but just block them), humor... spell it out. You are the prize.

Whatever you do.... don't be the shallow looking girl with zero profile text as if you have nothing to say. No text is just inviting trouble.


Best of luck! :)