Add matches to your contacts

The Contact tab let you go to a Tinder profile (or match.com, okcupid, pof, eharmony, etc) and extracts profile information into a form which is easy to "one shot" copy and paste into a contact app. Also:

  • You can click the photo to download it.

  • It automatically detects if they have given their phone number and/or email.

In the future we might add a vcard download option, but it hasn't been requested yet.

This is a great to keep your online date contacts organized - including the date you matched and so on (search your contacts by month). I would recommend to anyone to add this into your phone so that just before your date you can pull it up and it can even include a nice copy of your whole chat history. :)

How does it work? We have an "Extract Contact Template" which looks like this:


And yes, we made it editable under the "Settings" tab, so you can chose your own way to name people in your contacts.