Autoswipe lets you just hit play and Tinder swipes for you. Like it or not, swiping has become part of our culture, and if you don't spend time swiping, you won't get any matches (see: "the implications of always swiping right").

Many people report swiping as an addiction, and might even keep them from being present from friends. This Auto-swiper lets you sit back and watch, or just let it run.

This feature also somewhat works for and we may add others on request.

If you upgrade to Dating App Wingman Pro, you also unlock the AutoSwipe options, which can be used to adjust the swipe speed and change the swipe behavior. If there are certain words (examples: "doctor", "dog", "polyamorous", "bisexual", "420", "hiking", "trans", "doctor", "actual age", "trans", "follow me on") that you want the program to swipe the other direction... or to pause for you. We can do that. :)

These options are Tinder specific and work by opening the profile text to see what's there, including information about their profession and age (although age itself Tinder already lets you filter on).