Great Messages for Online Dating

This pages the message content of the Dating App Wingman, some of it sourced from other random places on the web, most a lot of it mine... all tried and tested. Even if you don't install Dating App Wingman, we hope this inspires you to write more creative and fun messages. Remember... if you want a reply you need to achieve at least 2 of these 3 things:

  1. Make them feel something. (special / heard / moved)
  2. Make them laugh. (stand out)
  3. Make it easy and tempting to reply!

By doing this you demonstrate value. A message like "how was your day?", "you r hot" or "hi" doesn't hit any of these point. It's boring, it's what every other guy writes and the grammar is off. Being boring is *almost* worse than the guys who come off desperate or rude.

A message like "Stephanie the traveller. Two months from now, I imagine us sitting on a warm beach in Mexico with our mothers watching us. What type of drink shall we order?" strikes all 3. It (1) evokes imagery and shows you read her profile, (2) it's funny and (3) she can reply with witty banter. Think about these basic ideas as you read the message below. :)

By the way, if she replies with something fun, your next message will be... "How about we get coffee tomorrow instead?", because if the conversation goes too long interest usually fades - get to the point and ask her phone number early - else you will get bucketed into the "pleasant-interaction-but-probably-we-will-never-meet" category. Notice that our messages have been organized into categories which roughly flow in order.