Android App

The Dating App Wingman on Android will change the way you do online dating! Even after you match and start dating, it has a bunch of great ideas for you to keep the conversation and attraction alive. Have you done the Love Languages test yet? The 36 Questions to Fall in love? You haven't ?!

Don't be a newbie !

Here's what the Android App looks like... more features will come soon:

Home Screen

Not too exciting.. but coming soon: profile tips!


This is the bread and butter... open the right collapsible menu for what you want, and you'll soon be marking your favorites from the hundreds of great messages. Click "Copy Text" to copy the text and it will paste into any app you want. Tinder/Bumble/Ok-Cupid/Hinge/Match/TheLeague/Anything!


Here is where you can upgrade to include even more messages and put your name to inject into the messages window.

Download now on Android Play Store:

  • (free with inexpensive in app-purchases)

Okay, so just a bunch of messages right?

Well yes and no. Head over to Wingman Messages to understand how this can really help you!

One of my favorites: "Are we exclusive yet?"
... but every person is different, so over time you'll learn what messages will work for what people in order to connect. An opening message gets you in the door, but we also have specific messages to build rapport, deep connection and ultimately get a phone number so the conversation can continue over the phone and then in a date. Be covid responsible of course!

And have fun!

-- Dancing Owl.