Name poems are brilliant, and I absolutely can't take credit for this idea. Instead I will credit word guru Joe Bagel, who wrote this amazing article about name poems, which inspired me to build the best name poem generator I could.... by choosing the best words, mostly adjectives and nouns, in these categories:

  • Sweet
(think: enchantress, radiant, loving) - genuine words
  • Funny
(think: prada-wearing, hipster, coupon-collecting) - something to make them laugh
  • Naughty
(think: nympho, camel-toe, high-maintenance) - including words that are edgy
  • Animal
(think: iguana, leapard, awkward-turtle) - because I love animals

Some words are labelled as either male or female because this app is female friendly and you might use poem generator to make a poem for friends of either gender. Keep in mind, however, that this should just get you started.. what my poem can't do is generate complex sentences and ideas... so what I've done below is included some examples of my poems at different settings.... and finished with some examples which were tailored to be unique and awesome to that person. Either way... name poems are a way to not just make them smile - a good name poem will make you smile too. Be proud!