Frequently Asked QUestions

... the more you know

Q1: What are the implications of always swiping right?

Great question. When I first installed Tinder I would read everyone's profiles and then decide if we were a mistake. Then I'd be disappointed because I'd want to meet these people but rarely matched with anyone. I had friends tell me I was silly - guys all just swipe right on everyone... to let the women decide... and then they would read the girls profile to work out what kind of connection they had.

I've watched female friends Tinder and male friends Tinder.... men swipe right all the time, women are fascinating because the friends I have swipe left like mad, except in rare cases they might see a guy particularly cute or something interesting about him - maybe scan his profile quickly to see that he looks sane, and then swipe right (which would usually be a match) and go to the next - waiting for him to message.

I would then feel guilty then if I matched a girl an unmatched, but then realized that since it's almost always men who initiate conversation, they probably never noticed... and so by developing auto-swipe I just figured I was saving some hours of my day I could be spending instead with friends.

Long story short: I think it's after you match that you have to evaluate if you match... and even then its jut one of many stages - the next challenge is to ignite some spark in message conversation.

Q2: How does Dating App Wingman work?

HTML pages have various "tags" the my chrome extension can look though. The trick is to work out what patterns to look for - sometimes it's just as easy as finding a "textarea" and inserting the text - but it's different for each site. So yes, if it breaks for a particular site, it's *probably* because they've changed the website - so please email me if this happens! :)

Email: dancing.owl.developer@gmail.com

PS: There is always the possibility I made a mistake in a release too!

Q3: Something isn't working with the extension?

See above

Q4: How do you protect jerks from using the app?

Sadly there's no way I can filter out bad people. I just hope the DNA and sentiment I've added to this app encourages both men and women to be respectful, and kind to each other.

Q5: What motivated you to make this app?

See: Motivation.