SONG LYRICS for Online Dating

I'll dedicate this page to Stephanie, a wonderful friend of mine who would often let me know she was thinking of me by sending me YouTube videos of her favorite songs. And I would watch all of them Like many girls, she was passionately into music, often attending concerts and expressing her feelings to boys she was dating with songs - even angry song sometimes! Only after she passed did I realize how potent song lyrics can be... how effective they can be at moving us. Both men and women can be passionately into music, and once you find a fellow music lover, it opens up a whole new way to communicate. Now I like to listen to songs as I work, and if one reminds me of a friend, I find that matching video and text it to them.

If you get really serious on a girl, make her a mix CD (it might be the first one she's ever received) or shared playlist (also very powerful between people), but until then - each time you send or receive a video... you'll probably watch it, and you'll probably think of them. Songs can communicate ideas we are not courageous enough to say with our own words. Pick wisely.

Here I've translated this idea into online dating. If there's a girl you are messaging, maybe you would like to communicate by song. I've tried to take the most beautiful part of the lyrics, or the funniest in some cases, and then, of course, there is the link to the video.

Within Dating App Wingman, there's a message that randomly picks one of these songs and doesn't reveal the artist or title... it asks "Name this song", so often I've left out the chorus that everyone knows, and focus on the wonderful lyrics of a verse that you won't necessarily notice and appreciate if just listening passively to the melody.