Great Messages FOR Women to send MEN

Dating App Wingwoman has a totally different message set versus Wingman. Why? Let's think about what men and women are most afraid of on online dating:

a man's fear:

  1. feeling ignored.
  2. being cat-fished.
  3. rejection/ghosting.

a girl's fears

  1. physical, sexual or emotional assault.
  2. being lied to (turns out to be creepy).
  3. rejection/ghosting.

So yes, when a guy goes on a date he's fear is spending $50 on a girl that's boring... the girl's biggest fear is being chopped into pieces, stalked or coerced into something sexual she doesn't want. Not quite fair hey?

Men are typically the ones to imitate online dating messages, often with the goal of a date/sex/romance because they've decided the girl is "hot enough". Women have plenty of men they can reply to, but their challenge is to quickly determine who is high quality, versus who has skeletons in the closet, even if they seem charming.

Honestly, I'm currently seeking some help from female friends to get help me write a good set of messages to help women out! These are all listed below: