Message is by far the coolest part of Dating App Wingman! Why?

  • 100s of great messages.

>150 tried and tested messages.
  • Word/name substitution.

Subs in their {NAME} etc.
  • Completely editable.

Give any message your unique flavor and hit save.
  • Tag or hide each message.

Give each message a thumbs up/down or hide it
  • Searchable

Hit the search icon to find your favorite message at a pinch.
  • Works for multiple sites

Why limit yourself to tinder or even dating sites?
  • Fun!

Try the {NAMEPOEM} and {FUNNAME}.

100s of great messages

We have written up some gold... over 150 incredible messages to pick from - actually closer to 300 if you want to include all the poems and songs we have the end. Messages have be carefully put into categories....

We want to be transparent, here's a complete list (not just a teaser list) of all the messages for Dating App Wingman. Notice that many of the messages appear with a locked icon - these only appear in the Pro version - but even in the free version there's plenty to chose from.

Word/name substitution

The power of a Chrome extension (versus a phone app) is that we read the details of the profile and can substitute in their {NAME} and other information when you click "Insert Message".

Here's a list of recognized substitution: {NAME}, {MILES}, {MYNAME}, {MYPHONE}, {MYEMAIL}, {MYCITY}, {MYVIDEO}, {WEBSITE}, {APP}, {DATE}, {NAMEPOEM}, {FUNNAME}, {FULLPOEM}, {FULLPOEM:NAUGHTY}, {LYRICS}, {SONG} ... and a couple more

Completely editable

Ever find yourself typing the same thing again and again? Save it! Our message are not tailor to you specifically, that why lots of our tips encourage you to overwrite what we start you with.... consider each message as inspiration. For example, the "about me" question... well you would *have* to fill that in! :)

Tag or hide each message

We have lots of messages, but it's up to you find the ones that work for your personality, and to find them again quickly give them a big thumbs up.... oh, we also have a little thumbs up, thumbs down, little thumbs down and the option to just hide that message so you don't have to look at it. Make me proud and hide all of the pickup lines, because I only included that section due to peer pressure. :)


Oh, did we mention you search messages... that's pretty cool right? Saves you from scrolling to find that specific message you want to reply with.

In this example, searching for "about you" matches 19 of 265 messages.

Works for Multiple Sites

Should work nicely for the following sites... and you can request more:

  • Tinder, Okcupid,, POF, Elite Singles... Android Messenger, Facebook.

Here's some screenshot:

Android Messenger
Plenty of Fish

Fun !!

What other fun discoveries might you make? Sometimes you should click the randomize icon.... or see what "{FUNNAME}" does (it features in some of the messages). My favorite section is the "Poem" section, because it can generate random name poems, lyrics and more.