Dating App Wingman is a chrome extension which helps you improve your results on Tinder (plus many other websites) with:

  • AutoSwipe - Just let it run.
  • AutoMessages - Quickly insert great messages to make them laugh, feel and get their number. Automatically inserts their name and you can save/customize to make their own.
  • AutoContact - Extracts their profile picture and all their details to add to your contacts and reread just before your first wonderful date.

So what are you waiting for ?! :)

Download now from the Chrome Web Store:

  • (free version)
  • ($5 USD extra features)
  • (totally free for girls)

Already do this anyway? Save hours of swiping, and upgrade for swiping intelligence.

Over 200 great message to chose from, all categorized, editable, tagged and searchable.

Keep your contacts organized by extracting all the important info and a pic for your phone.

Remember... it doesn't just work for Tinder... most of the features also work in other dating websites, including:, OkCupid, MeetMindful, POF, Elite Singles, Eharmony.

Also use it to message people on Android Messenger, Facebook, and so on.

Take a closer look the Features and then get started with Dating App Wingman.

Don't forget it work just as well for women via Dating App Wingwoman.

-- so what are you waiting for ?!