Dating App Wingman is an Android App (*plus Chrome Extension*) for both men and women to help you become a ninja at getting dates and having fun from online dating! Once installed, it gives you access to the best messages to spark conversation and connection. No more boring messages or ineffective pickup lines. We're talking (literally) 100s of incredible tried and tested message to make your matches laugh. Messages that are easy to customize (add your unique authentic flavor), favorite and make your own. The app is free, fun and very easy to use. You'll turn your dating luck around in no time. Despite the challenges of covid, you will get dates sooner than you think!

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Welcome to a new way to Tinder and Bumble.

Find edit and great message to open with and spark engaging conversation.

Add in your information to substitute into message.

Don't own an Android?!

Great news, is that we have a Chrome Extension version that will work on any computer (Apple/PC/Windows/whatever) with Google Chrome on it. The Chrome Extension version is more powerful in many ways because it has all the same messages, but also many extra features, including: automatic message insertion (with no copy and paste) with automatic name substitution, the option to auto-like people and the option to extract contact info from Bumble, Tinder, Match and several other supported dating app websites. Tinder on your phone is slow. This is how the smart people do it!

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And don't forget it work just as well for women via Dating App Wingwoman.

-- so what are you waiting for ?!